Storage Unit Lockouts

...and how we remove them!


Storage Unit Locks



There are many types of storage unit locks, but the most common is the ‘Circular Storage Lock’. This is the lock that is carried and sold by almost all the national storage companies (if you don’t have your own). Companies like U-haul, USA Storage, Public Storage, Cubesmart, and many others all carry this type of lock. These locks are very hard to pick and even harder to cut. Our technician will attempt to first try to pick the lock and if unsuccessful, will then drill or cut it off. If we are able to pick the lock, the lock will be completely intact and undamaged. If we have to drill or cut the lock off, the lock will be unusable again.

PROOF: You will need to prove that the storage unit that we are getting you into, is yours. This is typically done with the receipt from the storage facility. We will also need to see your driver’s license so we can match it up with the receipt from the storage company. You will also need to be present when we remove the lock. It is important to know that some storage companies REQUIRE our technician to check in with them or that one of their representatives are present when we pick or cut off the lock. Please check with them before we come out.

PRICING: Depending on time of day, area, weather conditions, and availability, our pricing starts at $99 and can go as high as $250 for most cities (mountain towns are higher). Rest-assured, we can quote you an EXACT price as soon as you call based on the aforementioned criteria.