Bike Locks

...and how we remove them!

Bike Locks


These days, bike locks (or ‘U-Locks‘ as they are sometimes called) are very sophisticated. Most of them cannot be picked. This means they have to be cut off. This is done with a Grinder or Circular Saw tool. We are well versed in this procedure and have been removing bike locks for years.

We can only remove your bike lock if there is sufficient light and far away from anything that might be considered flammable. Most bikes that are locked up, are in an area that is safe, we just need to be sure because the process of cutting off a bike lock produces sparks from the grinder wheel. Sparks and flammable environments do not mix!

Also, it is also important to note that once we remove the bike lock, the lock is no longer usable. The lock will be destroyed because we cut (or ‘grind’) right through it. If the lock was defective (due to the manufacturers’ error), some companies have a reimbursement plan. Check with the lock’s manufacturer for details.

PROOF: You will need to prove that the bike is yours. This can be a little problematic, as bikes are not registered like regular vehicles. Some sort of proof (receipt, ownership papers, etc.) will be required when our technician arrives.

PRICING: Depending on time of day, area, weather conditions, and availability, and type of bike lock that you have our pricing starts at $75 and can go as high as $119. Rest-assured, we can quote you an EXACT price as soon as you call, based on the aforementioned criteria.