Lock And Equipment Pictures

(to help you communicate with us better...)


Standard Deadbolt


Standard doorknob style lock


smartkey picture, smart key picture

SMARTKEY deadbolt by KWIKSET (notice the 'slit' on left hand side of the cylinder)


Another shot of a SMARTKEY deadbolt


Lever lock (example 1)


Lever Lock (example 2)


Lever Lock (example 3)


Bed and Bath Lever Lock (has a hole in the middle instead of a keyhole)


Circular STORAGE Lock (example 1)


Circular STORAGE Lock (picture 2)


'U-LOCK' for bicycles (Example 1)


U-Lock for bicycles (Example 2)


The 'grinding' process for removing a bike lock


Small 'AIR-WEDGE' (for car doors)


Large 'AIR-WEDGE' (usually for bigger car doors)


For your safety


official trade name registration

Our trade name registration from Secretary of State of Colorado


Our "Will Return At" sign when we are all on jobs!


MEDECO locks...one of the best


official trade name registration

Another Colorado Lockout Vehicle


Mailbox Lock


Our Business Card Magnet


All techs carry EVERY lockout tool!


Another Apartment Complex