Signs That You Are Dealing With A Scam Locksmith Company:

  • They answer the phone, “Locksmith” instead of with their EXACT company name (“Hello, Colorado Lockouts.com”).
  • Their vehicles have almost no markings in terms of signs and phone numbers.
  • The ‘technicians’ have no uniforms (or at least one identifiable marking on their person – like a shirt, vest, jacket, etc.).
  • You can hear a lot of separate conversations in the background (because you are dealing with a ‘call center’ and not a local office).
  • No company profile anywhere (Google, Yelp, Bing, etc.)  – This is because every single client would leave a scalding review.
  • AND THE NUMBER ONE SIGN….THEY CAN’T GIVE A BONA FIDE PRICE OVER THE PHONE. Simple. If a company can’t give an exact price – then you are about to be ripped-off. Sure as you are breathing!

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