It is time to educate the public on locksmith scams.


The most popular locksmith scams have been going on in the US for over 30 years. It started out with a handful of unscrupulous locksmiths flooding the phone books with fake addresses and profiles. They idea and strategy of this was to ‘dilute’ the legitimate locksmiths from showing up with good placement. This enabled the these scam companies to receive the bulk of the phone calls on any given day. They were able to pay for the ads because of the profits from each scam. The phone book in any given major city could have 300-500 listings that belonged to just a handful of companies. These companies were almost exclusively Isreali, and based in New York. ABC News has coined the phrase “Israeli Locksmith Cartel”  because they operated, at least strategically, similarly to the drug cartels. Do you know what’s changed since the advent of the internet? Zero. Hard to believe it is still going on. But it is…

The difference is the advertising that these companies do. It’s now all about Google. I wont go into the details here in this blog about how the various scams work. For detailed info and undercover videos, click here: https://coloradolockouts.com/locksmith-scams/

This blog and future posts about #locksmithscams will be about raising awareness and putting a stop (or at least a big dent) to this plague. I have been in this business a long time, and over the years the landscape is getting nicer. More legitimate locksmith companies, and less unethical and immoral ones. This is due because a few key reasons. They reasons are:

  • The review system(s) across a wide variety of social platforms (Google, Yelp, Facebook, Etc…)
  • News organizations airing expose’s
  • YouTube
  • The public getting smarter about the various scamming techniques

The next few posts will go into more detail on various subjects surrounding #locksmmithscams. Pass this information on. Pass it on verbally. Pass it on by forwarding information. Pass it on anyway you can.